"Note 100. Excellent quality service. 

Total satisfaction of the bride and sisters who also enjoyed the services.

Sofia Martins

"Since the moment I put my doubts were always accessible to answer them. I also liked the pack when they offered the make-up to the mother of the bride. And on the day of the test, Vera was very helpful and patient until we get the make-up ideal and on the wedding day it was punctual. It was a great service. "

Carina Neto

"5-star quality, I highly recommend you try Vera's make-up and all the other services to pamper and prepare the bride for your special day."

Alice Relógio

"On a day as special as my wedding day, I had to be especially beautiful and well-groomed, and that's what happened. Throughout the process of makeup to the sound of a relaxing song, I was able to feel very calm and in the end a true princess when I saw myself in the mirror.

Ana Maria Palma

"I like it very much, it did not look like the same person, it was super professional and friendly, I had very positive feedback.

Vera Silva

"5 stars because it does not exist anymore.

A wonderful job.

Excellent service.

Thanks for everything"

Vera Magalhães

"I loved it! Apart from a great job, we are still presented with a great deal of sympathy.

Carolina Pires

Sublime! It captures the energy that defines us and turns it into a fantastic look. Thanks"

Claudia Santos